Huge Fire at Mitchell Factory


Last night around 2am my wife and I heard some sounds like distant thunder, which we thought was strange. We went back to sleep and did not think about it until we got up. I then checked email and saw a message from the Gungahlin Community council telling what had happened.

There was a fire that started in a Dacre Street factory in Mitchell, ACT. The fire has forced the closure of all schools on the northside of Canberra.

Looking out a window in the house we could see a dark plume of smoke coming from the fire. Here is a photo of that view.

You can read more about the Mitchell fire.

As I deal with a few businesses in that area I was a bit worried about how those guys would be. Must contact them and see if they will be affected.

No visits to their tile showroom and Canberra kitchen showroom today I would say.

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Gungahlin Restaurants

Live in Gungahlin? If you are thinking of going out for dinner or just are feeling lazy and want some takeaway then there are now many Gungahlin Restaurants to choose from. Some of the better known ones are Ginger and Spice, the Waterfront Chinese restaurant and Jasmine House. They are all Chinese food type restaurants.

Other ones you may not have come across are Da Nunzio's Cafe Bar Ristorante which is down at Yerrabi Pond or Little Siam Thai restaurant. It is hidden away a little bit being just across from the Centrelink and Medicare office.

Flavours of India is another one if you like Indian food. It is down near the Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC and Domino's Pizza in cholesterol alley as I saw some one call that area today.

What is your favourite restaurant in Gungahlin? Compared with about 10 years ago we have quite a good selection to visit.

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QR Codes – Do you Scan Them?

I live in Gungahlin, ACT. For the first time the other day I came across a house for sale sign outside of a house that had a 2d barcode, also known as a QR code. It was being used by First National's Ross Hincksman. The annoying thing is that about four months ago I contacted that local office's owner and tried to setup a meeting to show him this technology but did not get a chance to do so.

As I am a mobile marketing consultant here in Canberra I was excited to see this. I got out my phone and scanned the code only to find it took me to the wrong listing.

Ross just happened to come out of the property just then and I spoke to him for a while about how he got into using the codes, and why the destination was wrong.

Ross had just started using signage with the codes the day before and he had two houses using the codes. The guy who puts up the signs got them mixed up. Doh.

Ross was planning on asking the guy to swap signs. I pointed out that you can switch the destination setup for a code, depending on how it was created. That would have been the easy solution. Also he can re-use signs if doing that as he sign was a generic one.

The way he got into this was through a real estate co-operative that his company belongs to. They are using That site is mainly focused on Canberra property listings.

As my daughter pointed out Get Realty are advertising during My Kitchen Rules. In the ads they promote the actual use of the QR codes, that will make a lot more people aware of them.

That brings me to the QR codes and you. Are you noticing the codes around the place and have you got a scanning app on your phone?

My favourite app is i-Nigma which you can use on many different phones.

If you want to learn more about how to use QR codes you can get in contact with me through my Canberra Internet marketing site

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Place for Canberra Tiles

I recently went tile shopping with my wife. We live in Gungahlin so headed on over to Mitchell and checked out the local tile shops. One that we liked was on Essington Street. It is Tileflair. The guy who runs the store is Peter. He is very helpful and answered all the questions that my wife had, they even had a kids play area to keep our daughter entertained for a while as we looked around the store.

At Tileflair they have some nice tile displays. Maybe too nice as my wife says she wants some more expensive tiles.

Another tile store we saw was ACT tiles which was down the road from Tilefiair.

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Party Balloons Canberra

I have found a site about Party Balloons Canberra, it is there to help you with ideas about how to use balloons for parties or for showing you what types of balloons you can use.

I saw on the site some interesting videos showing different ways to use balloons. There was one showing how to stuff balloons inside of a bigger balloon. Lots of work and don't know if I could manage to do all that.

I know that having balloons at a party make it more fun, especially for kids. It is always lots of fun playing with helium balloons or just looking at some balloons made into balloon art.

Take a look at the site.

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Rob Keating – Mobile Marketing Consultant

I live in Canberra, Australia and first got serious about Mobile Marketing in April 2010. I had previously always loved using my phone to browse the internet when out shopping with my wife. In April I came across Dan Hollings for the first time.

If you do a search for him you will most likely see his name popup all over the place. You will notice many of the results relate to his expertise in Mobile Marketing and marketing in general. Did you ever hear of the movie called "The Secret"? Dan was actually the marketing genius behind the promotion of that movie. It brought in over $300 million.

If you search for Mobile Marketing Consultant his name will most likely appear in the first couple or results.

I went through Dan's course back then and learnt so much about how to use mobile phones to integrate with other marketing methods. He taught how to create a mobile website, what to put on the website and then how to promote the website. If that was not enough Dan's students got to learn about SMS marketing, Foursquare, Gowalla and how to use Twitter and Facebook with mobile phones.

Since completing that course I have been actively getting out and meeting with businesses and learning how I can help them with Mobile Marketing and also the overall marketing of their business. This has been a lot of fun, but quite often people think mobile marketing is not something people are using yet.

I don't know about you but I think it is here big time and if you ignore it you are ignoring your customers.

If you would like to learn more about Mobile Marketing you can visit my Mobile Marketing Consultant site, or if you want to learn from one of the best in the business you can grab a copy of Dan's latest course, Mobile Marketing Success Formula.

Something I have been working on this week is mobile website creation and QR codes that take people to the mobile site if they scan the QR code on a mobile phone. Here in Canberra I have just come across one person that had already seen one of this funny little codes.

You can have one created for you business if you visit

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Gungahlin – Waterfront Restaurant – Closed for Renovations


I was out walking the dog earlier today and went past the Waterfront Chinese restaurant at Yerrabi Pond. I noticed they had renovated the entrance. Not sure that I like it, they have a mix of dark and light tiles. The underside of the roof for the awning is red and clashes with the tiles. Maybe they will paint it.

I also noticed they were doing work inside. On the door there was a note saying the place is closed until further notice due to the renovations.

I have seen reviews of the Waterfront which have said it looks a bit old inside. Now it has a chance to shine.

Watch out at the Gungahlin Business directory where I will let you know when the Waterfront Chinese restaurant is open again. I will be keen to check it out.

My wife is from Beijing and as we live just around the corner from this restaurant we quite often went up until several years ago as she thought the quality of food had dropped. A week ago we thought we would give them a go again and we quite happy with the quality this time around.

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