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National Broadband Network Gungahlin Community Consultation

The Gungahlin Community Council welcomed representatives from the National Broadband Network to their meeting at Palmerston Community Centre on Wednesday October 13. The meeting also included the Annual General meeting for the GCC.
Russell Gillon, who ran the ACT Broadband campaign was voted President and replaces outgoing Alan Kerlin.

What all who attended (around 125 mostly males) wanted to know is just where will the Stage 2 rollout of the NBN, which includes Gungahlin take place. It has been flagged that around 3000 homes will have the cabling rolled out past their front door. If they give consent the cable will also go to their house.

Glenn Holdstock from gave a presentation and answered questions. Unfortunately he could not say where the rollout would take place. Earlier in the day he had spent time with ACT government discussing the rollout which is expected to commence in April 2011.

Other interesting item raised was the possibility of a third hospital being built in Gungahlin. With population forecasts it is clear that the current hospital system will not cope with future demands so a third hospital is a strong possibility.

The NBN team will probably be back in Gungahlin in a month or two.

Gungahlin Swimming Pool

Here is an update about the swimming pool expected to be built at the Gungahlin Town Centre next to the new Gungahlin College.

The working group are just finalising the feasibility study report, and the outcome of this study will feed into the detailed design process. They are to tender for the design consultants in the next few weeks, and hope to have the design completed about the end of this financial year. They will be bidding for construction funds in the 2011/12 budget but it is too early to say if this will be successful. When the project is funded, work will probably take around two years to complete. On that basis, it would be at least 2013 before it is operational.

Until then Gungahlin residents have the option of going to Gold Creek or traveling to Dickson, Civic or Belconnen.

Medicare Office Has Moved

Medicare-Centrelink Office Gungahlin

Medicare-Centrelink Office Gungahlin

The Medicare office has moved from the G Building and is now co-located with Centrelink. It is across the road from the Library at the back of the Marketplace building.

Address: Corner Ernest Cavanagh St and Gungahlin Place.

The Hub – Closed Until further notice

The Hub Gungahlin closed until further noticeWith a Chinese wife, the Hub at Gungahlin was for a few years a favourite shopping destination. Over the past few months we noticed a rapid increase in prices and as a result we stopped shopping there. Dickson is back as the place to go from Gungahlin for our asian grocery shopping.

Tonight I was walking the dog and went to the Gungahlin Town Centre and noticed that the Hub has a closed until further notice on the door. After searching the net it looks like the Hub closed down in early August. I had noticed that the owners were having a big garage sale recently. Not sure if the two events are related.

It will be interesting to see if someone will buy the shop. I noticed that they have not cleaned out the shelves so it may re-open.

Here are some recent news events about Gungahlin. I went to the National Broadband meeting and was interested to listen to what is happening with the rollout. Unfortunately no location in Gungahlin was named as the starting place for the stage two rollout which includes Gungahlin.

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