Can you really understand a babies cry?

Today Tina, Adrian and I went to the early childhood drop in session at a local health clinic. There were six babies including Adrian and their parents. The session is to help learn key information about how to best look after your new baby.

The big problem people had was settling the baby. One couple said their daughter only slept for 20 minutes at a time and the mum sat up all of last night with the baby on her chest just so it slept.

Something interesting one of the clinic staff said was you can listen to the babies cry and get an idea of what they are saying. Just now Adrian was crying so I did a search for "understanding babies cries" and found a page that talked about the system.

Basically the women behind the site claims to know the different baby cries and what they mean.

NEH = I'm hungry
OWH – I'm tired
HEH – I am experiencing discomfort
EAIRH I have lower gas pain
EH I need a burp

At the time I could hear a cry that was the EAIRH type cry. My wife just thought the nappy is wet and it is time to feed. Anyway that stopped him.

I am now looking at the site to learn more. If you can understand baby it would be so much easier.

That reminds me of something else I saw on TV at one time. A baby sign language course. One to follow up on.

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