Welcome to summer in Australia

December 1 marks the first day of summer here in Australia. If not for knowing the date you surely would not think it is summer at the moment.

As I look at the window it is grey and wet. We have had rain here in Canberra for the past few days and it is forecast to keep falling at least until Tuesday next week, although by then it is just scattered showers.

Today the maximum is expected to be 18 degrees C as we head towards 26 for Tuesday next week.

This is on a day when a big solar conference is to be held here in Canberra.

The issue of solar panels and government handouts is a big one nowadays. People are saying it is just making the rich get richer and does not effectively provide solar electricity when the power is coming from small clusters of panels on private home rooftops. Money would be better spent on large scale solar farms where the economy of scale comes into it.

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