Yerrabi Pond business update and Gungahlin Business Directory

As I get out every day to walk the dog I see how businesses come and go in the Yerrabi Pond district here in Gungahlin, ACT.

This early part of the new year has been very busy. The Curves gym franchise setup a gym which is about to open, the old Wise Elephants bar which had been for lease for close to a year finally found a new owner and the Fu' Bar was born. It is open Wednesday – Sunday from 7am – 11pm.

There was also a builder or two that setup office in the area with Goldruby homes and Andorra homes opening offices. On top of that a massage business moved out of the area and a new Yoga studio is getting ready to open.

It is now starting to become a busy little area here at Yerrabi. There are three restaurants (da Nunzio ristorante, the waterfront, thai herb, the Fu Bar and cafe, the gym, Boho hairdressers, a real estate agent, ballet school, two beauty salons and a few other businesses.

You can see the listing of most of them at the Gungahlin Business directory.

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