QR Codes – Do you Scan Them?

I live in Gungahlin, ACT. For the first time the other day I came across a house for sale sign outside of a house that had a 2d barcode, also known as a QR code. It was being used by First National's Ross Hincksman. The annoying thing is that about four months ago I contacted that local office's owner and tried to setup a meeting to show him this technology but did not get a chance to do so.

As I am a mobile marketing consultant here in Canberra I was excited to see this. I got out my phone and scanned the code only to find it took me to the wrong listing.

Ross just happened to come out of the property just then and I spoke to him for a while about how he got into using the codes, and why the destination was wrong.

Ross had just started using signage with the codes the day before and he had two houses using the codes. The guy who puts up the signs got them mixed up. Doh.

Ross was planning on asking the guy to swap signs. I pointed out that you can switch the destination setup for a code, depending on how it was created. That would have been the easy solution. Also he can re-use signs if doing that as he sign was a generic one.

The way he got into this was through a real estate co-operative that his company belongs to. They are using Getrealty.com.au. That site is mainly focused on Canberra property listings.

As my daughter pointed out Get Realty are advertising during My Kitchen Rules. In the ads they promote the actual use of the QR codes, that will make a lot more people aware of them.

That brings me to the QR codes and you. Are you noticing the codes around the place and have you got a scanning app on your phone?

My favourite app is i-Nigma which you can use on many different phones.

If you want to learn more about how to use QR codes you can get in contact with me through my Canberra Internet marketing site RPJKServices.com

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