16 months and still waiting

Why would you want a government job? Sixteen months ago I was successful in getting a job to work on a government departments Internet site, the only problem was my secret clearance was not good enough and I had to apply for top secret. In that time I have fathered a child and started my own business. Let me help you get more customers by solving the social media puzzle, or run a video marketing campaign. Visit http://rpjkservices.com to learn more.
If you run a business make sure you checkout the article about google places.
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Noble Style website and RPJK Services ready to assist

Today I was over at Noble Style at the Gungahlin Town Centre giving the owner a lesson on how to use the http://noblestyle.com.au e-commerce site I have setup for him.

The site is not yet ready to accept orders and Kien needs to set pricing up in the system. Once that is done people will be able to order school wear for Gungahlin schools via the online store.

Check it out if you want.

The funny thing was that when I checked the email for the system I setup someone had actually contacted the Noble Style store even though we say the site is under construction.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from having an e-commerce store or other website? http://rpjkservices.com can assist. We build websites for all budgets, we can do mobile phone specific websites, setup Facebook pages or create a video marketing campaign.

RPJK Services are looking for businesses that want more customers calling their store or visiting the store or calling for services to be performed. Do you know anyone who wants to be on page one of Google?

Google places setup correctly could help make that happen.

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Runkeeper tracing app

Yesterday I a saw a friend on facebook list an event from RunKeeper. It is a tracking application you can have on your iPhone or Android and it tells you how far you go, how fast, it also maps where you went. The app is free however you can upgrade to get more features.

With the upgrade you can allow people you know to watch your movements live over the internet. You can also have a personal trainer on your iPhone or Android telling you what to do.

I love going walking, running or riding with this app. All those times I have wondered how far I went can now be recorded and shown in my activity log. What a cool app.

Of course you have to be careful who you allow to see what you do and when.

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Yerrabi Pond business update and Gungahlin Business Directory

As I get out every day to walk the dog I see how businesses come and go in the Yerrabi Pond district here in Gungahlin, ACT.

This early part of the new year has been very busy. The Curves gym franchise setup a gym which is about to open, the old Wise Elephants bar which had been for lease for close to a year finally found a new owner and the Fu' Bar was born. It is open Wednesday – Sunday from 7am – 11pm.

There was also a builder or two that setup office in the area with Goldruby homes and Andorra homes opening offices. On top of that a massage business moved out of the area and a new Yoga studio is getting ready to open.

It is now starting to become a busy little area here at Yerrabi. There are three restaurants (da Nunzio ristorante, the waterfront, thai herb, the Fu Bar and cafe, the gym, Boho hairdressers, a real estate agent, ballet school, two beauty salons and a few other businesses.

You can see the listing of most of them at the Gungahlin Business directory.

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Ballet leotard online shopping

Today we went out to buy ballet shoes for my daughter. After getting back home my daughter decided she also needed a new leotard so instead of doing another trip back to the shopping mall we went online and checked out what was on offer.

We found several websites that had some nice looking leotards that ranged in price from around $20 to $80. In the end she selected a mid-priced leotard.

Once the order was placed she was saying when do we get it, I want it now. That is the problem with online shopping, you don't get instant gratification.

It was an interesting process as I am currently building an e-commerce site for a local business that sells school uniforms to mostly Gungahlin schools here in Canberra. The site I am doing uses Zen Cart a free shopping cart application. You can take a look at http://noblestyle.com.au but it is still a work in progress.

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Mobile QR codes starting to gain traction

Mobile QR codes or 2d codes as they are known may be a mystery to you. They are rectangles that have a whole sequence of smaller rectangles inside. They make a code that can be scanned by the camera on many mobile phones. Once scanned they can take you to a website address on the phones browser, they can add address book details to your phone or do many other cools things.

Be on the lookout for them. I am sure you will see them soon.

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Welcome to summer in Australia

December 1 marks the first day of summer here in Australia. If not for knowing the date you surely would not think it is summer at the moment.

As I look at the window it is grey and wet. We have had rain here in Canberra for the past few days and it is forecast to keep falling at least until Tuesday next week, although by then it is just scattered showers.

Today the maximum is expected to be 18 degrees C as we head towards 26 for Tuesday next week.

This is on a day when a big solar conference is to be held here in Canberra.

The issue of solar panels and government handouts is a big one nowadays. People are saying it is just making the rich get richer and does not effectively provide solar electricity when the power is coming from small clusters of panels on private home rooftops. Money would be better spent on large scale solar farms where the economy of scale comes into it.

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